Silverzone Olympiad
1      This is to be informed that the Online Registration for Silverzone Olympiads 2020-21 is available for main events like Maths, Science, English,  Computer & GK.

Registration fee is Rs 150/- per event. Last date for registration is 31/08/2020 as of now. 
Students can also buy study material on an additional cost of Rs 80 for comprehensive book, Guide @ Rs 220 and PQP @ Rs 100/-.

2      Dear Parent, we are happy to share a link with you that will enable your ward to register online for upcoming Olympiads conducted by SilverZone Foundation scheduled in the month of Dec.2020/Jan 2021. Please follow the link required for your ward to participate in the Olympiads.


Registration period - From 14-Aug-2020 to 15-Sep-2020.

Whatsapp helpline No. for parents: 8448992604.